Kyoto University School of Public Health

Calendar year 2017

Department of Biostatistics

  • OMOTENASHI aiming at the proper use of medicine by non-Japanese patients
    Development of a prototype model and its evaluation at dispensing pharmacy
  • The current situation of pediatric drug developments in Japan and the applicability of statistical methods utilizing the efficacy results in other populations

Department of Healthcare Epidemiology

  • Development and Validation of Prediction Model using Computed Tomography (CT) Information for Shock Wave Lithotripsy Failure of Upper Urinary Tract Calculi.

Department of Pharmacoepidemiology

  • Association between anaesthetic technique and survival in patients after gastric cancer surgery: An observational study using Japanese claims database
  • Pharmacological Treatment Patterns of Patients with Young-onset Parkinson’s Disease in Japan
  • Antipsychotics Use among Older Patients Prescribed Alzheimer’s Disease Drugs: Descriptive study using pharmacy claims database
  • Cardiovascular safety of celecoxib after cardiovascular surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: a retrospective cohort study
  • Association of Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction: a retrospective cohort study
  • Preoperative echocardiography for patients with hip fractures undergoing surgery: a retrospective cohort study using a nationwide inpatient database
  • Anticoagulants use and Risk of Cardiogenic Embolism Among Cancer Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Treated with Chemotherapy: Retrospective Cohort Study using Japanese Administrative Claims Database

Department of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

  • The effect of perioperative oral management on postoperative outcomes for gastrointestinal cancer surgery: Multi-level propensity score analyses
  • Cost-effectiveness of Second-Line Endocrine Therapies in Postmenopausal Hormone Receptor–positive and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2–negative Metastatic Breast Cancer in Japan

Department of Medical Genetics

  • Comparative study of the genetic test results provided by domestic direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies
  • Examining the psychological, cultural, and social factors that influence the attitudes of women with a carrier risk of X-linked diseases toward carrier tests of themselves and their daughters
  • Awareness of genome editing of human embryos: A questionnaire survey to specialists of clinical genetics
  • An exploratory study of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer patients: Factors that influence their feelings -focusing on anxiety and relief-

Department of Health Informatics

  • The legal system and applicability of the laws/regulations on private information protection and those on research ethics relating to medical research as well as the exemption clauses in the said laws/regulations for academic research purposes
  • Folic Acid Intake Situation and Characteristics of Inappropriate Folic Acid Users among Pregnant Outpatients of Japan Drug Information Institute in Pregnancy under Antiepileptics: A Cross Sectional Study
  • The epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance isolated in hospitals in Japan -An investigation using the Japan nosocomial infections surveillance and discussions based on clinical practice guidelines-
  • The Proportion and Perinatal Outcomes of Trial of Labor after Cesarean Delivery: A Descriptive Study
  • Evaluation of the quality of breast cancer websites on hormonal therapy
  • Information seeking behavior on sexual life after cervical cancer treatment: A qualitative study.
  • Quality assessment of website information on hypertension in Indonesian and English
  • Translation, Cross-Cultural Adaptation, and pilot testing of Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (TRAQ) Japanese version
  • New Oral Anticoagulation Agents in Elderly Atrial Fibrillation Outpatients: An Observational Study Using a Nationwide Claims Database in Japan
  • Investigation of cardiovascular disease risk factors of evacuees after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident

Department of Medical Communication

  • How do day-service caregivers and counselors notice and respond to service users’ malnutrition?: a qualitative research
  • Parents’ Process of Seeking Health Information about Preschoolers on the Internet and the Related Factors: A Qualitative Study with Interviews

Department of Global Health and Socio-Epidemiology

  • Modifiable-Non-Communicable-Diseases-Risk-Factors and their influence on Health and Happiness among Urban and Rural Dwellers in Southern Bhutan: Qualitative Study
  • Factors affecting adherence to exclusive breastfeeding of infants in the first 6 months among HIV positive mothers in Ghana: Qualitative research
  • A Qualitative Study on Mental Health of Refugees Living in Japan: Using a Stress Shift Check Sheet
  • Qualitative inquiry into socio-cultural and religious factors related to childhood vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women in rural Malaysia

Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior

  • Quality of Randomized Controlled Trials of New Generation Antidepressants and Antipsychotics Identified in the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI): A Literature and Telephone Interview Study