Kyoto University School of Public Health

Calendar year 2010

Department of Biostatistics

  • Efficient design for large-scale epidemiologic studies
  • The development of genetic risk calculation software and its calculation algorithms for X-linked recessive inheritance
  • A Bayesian approach for evaluating the consistency of treatment effects among regions in multi-regional clinical trials

Department of Pharmacoepidemiology

  • Risk of meningeal carcinomatosis and exploratory analysis of medical resource consumption in non-small cell lung cancer patients with meningeal carcinomatosis
  • Use of barcode medication administration system in cancer chemotherapy infusion
  • Adherence to treatment with biologics by self-injection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Department of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

  • Development of a financial performance dashboard for municipal hospitals/li>
  • The problems and proposed solutions associated with the transition from sub-acute rehabilitation to home-based rehabilitation

Department of Health Informatics

  • Evaluation of the training workshop for school teachers and problems to implement life skills education program in schools systematically – cross sectional study by analyzing questionnaire of participants
  • What information do family and medical staff need in “shared decision-making”?: Gastrostomy and tube feeding in elderly people with dementia

Management of Technology and Intellectual Property

  • Management of intellectual property in industry-academia collaborative research in the United States:

Department of Medical Communication

  • Employment factors of patients with higher brain dysfunction: Questionnaire research from a patient’s perspective

Department of Ecology with Emphasis on the Environment

  • Role of ATP binding cassette sub-family member 1 a/b (ABCB1b) in renal excretion of Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)
  • Relationship between endoplasmic reticulum stress and Box C/D small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins in insulinoma cell line established from Akita mouse
  • Analysis of Porfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids (PFCAs) in house dust and investigation on their determinants
  • Detection of dicofol and related pesticides in human breast milk from China, Korea and Japan

Department of Field Medicine

  • Usefulness and limitation of “Check-list” developed by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for screening elderly with higher risk for frailty

Genetic Counselor Course

  • Thanatophoric Dysplasia: Validity of its name and current status
  • Inductive analysis of hospice ‘philosophies’ from websites: Children’s hospices in the UK
  • Information and support for parents of children with chromosomal abnormalities – Content analysis of a parents’ association questionnaire –

Master of Clinical Research

  • Evaluation and development of clinical trial consent forms
  • Perspectives on informing clinical study participants of study results in Japan

Master of Clinical Research

  • Low oxygen saturation during hemodialysis and long-term outcomes in patients with maintenance hemodialysis: a protocol of prospective cohort study
  • Patient-physician contact and subjective outcomes of dialysis patients: results from J-DOPPS
  • A social skills intervention for children with high-functioning autism: A pilot randomized controlled trial (research project)
  • Characteristics of individuals deemed to be hyperglycemic through screening but who had not made follow-up clinical visits: analytical epidemiologic study
  • The effect of using topical sugar for diabetic foot ulcers: A clinical-record-based retrospective patient cohort study (protocol)