Kyoto University School of Public Health

Calendar year 2002

Department of Biostatistics

  • Use of foreign clinical trial results on vasodepressors for hypertensive patients in Japan: The possibility of predicting results for domestic clinical trials with measurements obtained from overseas clinical trials

Department of Healthcare Epidemiology

  • Association between psycho-sociological factors and outcomes of low back pain

Department of Pharmacoepidemiology

  • A study on the prognosis factors for psoriasis vulgaris

Department of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

  • The role of full-time administrators for medical safety and the establishing of a system for medical malpractice prevention

Department of Medical Ethics

  • Problems and agreement concerning multiple usages of human samples: Research ethics on data collection by way of databases/li>
  • The importance of a medical social worker section at a special functioning hospital: Considering the state of assistance activities for the elderly at Kyoto University Hospital’s regional network
  • A case examination of a child needing medical care and entering a common local school
  • A study on the role and responsibilities of medical schools’ ethics committees
  • The psychological and social issues concerning living-related liver transplantation

Department of Health Informatics

  • Examining the tuberculin reaction test cutoff value used in mass screenings for tuberculosis
  • Occupational electromagnetic field exposure and the risk of developing cancer

Department of Health and Environmental Sciences

  • A genome wide search of familial high TSH casual gene
  • The mechanism of diabetes development in the model Akita mouse
  • The origin of the founder mutation for lysinuric protein intolerance (LPI)

Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior

  • School staff’s health problems accompanying the introduction of new teaching

Department of Ecology with Emphasis on the Environment

  • Hypothesis testing for the pandemic of vibrio parahemolyticus
  • Occurrence of vibrio food poisoning via ingestion of sea mussels (Perna viridis): A quantitative risk assessment using a survey in the southern region of Thai and a simulation model