Kyoto University School of Public Health

Calendar year 2007

Department of Biostatistics

  • Outcome-related gene selection procedures for microarray data analysis
  • Treatment selection with two crossing survival curves: estimation of a difference of expected utilities for survival times
  • A strategic view of the clinical and post marketing trial design for orphan drugs

Department of Healthcare Epidemiology

  • Test performance of two-question screening tool for postpartum depressive symptoms

Department of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

  • Economic impact of medical care

Department of Health Informatics

  • Diabetes prevention information in general magazines: Content analysis with reference to Japanese diabetes evidence-based clinical practice guideline
  • Evaluation of Japanese clinical practice guidelines – Focused on conflict of interest disclosure –
  • Cross sectional questionnaire survey of the 5th graders in elementary schools about knowledge, perception and experiences of smoking
  • Outpatients’ attitudes toward medication and aware of error avoidance behaviors: development, initial validation and exploration of the relationship
  • Patient advocacy and the role of media: Study of newspaper coverage relating to the cancer measures
  • Network analysis of the keyword in biomedical and health literature database: For the articles with the title of “Informed consent”


  • Developmental toxicity caused by PFOS in mouse
  • Survey of airbone polyfluorinated telomers (FTOHs) in Japan

Department of Preventive Services

  • Pretreatment inflammatory cytokine levels and response to infliximab in the rheumatoid arthritis: A pilot study

Department of Global Health and Socio-epidemiology

  • Content analysis of newspaper articles on HIV/AIDS issues between 1984-2006

Department of Management of Technology and Intellectual Property

  • A demonstrative study of the strengths of a right in pharmaceuticals patents applied by national university corporations
  • Case study on cross-border activities by supporting organizations for small and medium high-tech bio-companies in Euro bioclusters
  • Categorizing university-affiliated venture funds by sources of capital

Genetic Counselor Course

  • Examination of the format of the consent form for research involving genetic testing
  • Recognition of participation in genomic cohort study and evaluation of contributing factors: Questionnaire in community residents
  • The use if self-administered questionnaire to clarify women’s knowledge and attitudes regarding Amniocentesis in prenatal genetic counseling
  • Deliberation of code of ethics for certifies genetic counselors
  • Weight, height, head circumference, growth velocity and body mass index in Williams Syndrome

Clinical Research Coordinator Course

  • Some suggestion for improving the research ethics review system in Japan. Based on a study involving interviews with committee members and investigators
  • Survey of a CRC’s role in patient care and support levels that patients expect

Master of Clinical Research Course

  • The study of relationship between quality of care and health outcomes in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Study protocol)
  • “Cost-effectiveness of screening for Helicobacter pylori in voluntary health check to prevent gastric cancer in Japan
  • The management of anemia in hemodialysis – Hemoglobin variability and mortality in Japan – [Clinical research protocol]
  • Study protocol of the practice pattern for clostridium difficile enteritis patients in Japanese hospitals
  • The effectiveness of different types of helmets in preventing head injuries
  • Evaluation study of the pilot programs in neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Osaka – Study plan –
  • The effect of half-solid enteral nutrients with agar for prevention of aspiration pneumonia in elderly patients with tube feeding: the prevention of aspiration pneumonia with agar study (PAPA study) – Study protocol –