Kyoto University School of Public Health

School of Public Health

The mission of the School of Public Health is to improve people’s health and welfare through the activities and mutual interaction of the below, centralized in the interface of medicine/healthcare and society/environment.


Carry out a wide range of education in order to perform professional, leadership roles in practice, policy, research and education related to public health medicine.


Produce new knowledge and skills through deepening knowledge of economics, environment, behaviour, and social factors related to people’s health

Translating Research into Practice and Policy

Translate the results to health and healthcare related practical strategies and policies in the society

Professional Practice

Contribute in a personal, organizational, regional, national and international level with specialized, professional knowledge and skills.


In this major, the students and professors themes and range of expertise is diverse, as there is a wide range of issues related to health. From the foundations of statistics, epidemiology indispensable to quantitative evaluation, the involvement with genome and the environment, quality evaluation of healthcare and economic evaluation, ethical aspects, dissemination of health information to society, health promotion and behaviour change, society and AIDS, the relationship between health policy and the international society, and others, this major established a variety of departments promoting diverse education and research.