Kyoto University School of Public Health

Calendar year 2009

Department of Biostatistics

  • On prescription of beta 2 agonists with acute bronchitis among children in Japan
  • Medication changes in benzodiazepines and falls in elderly people

Department of Pharmacoepidemiology

  • A proposal for future development of tissue engineering industry in Japan: Based on the analysis of cases of private sector in the U.S.
  • Cost of antiemetic therapy of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting
  • Transaction cost analysis regarding new drug application in Japan

Department of Healthcare Economics and Quality Management

  • Multidimensional visualization of gap and coverage in regional healthcare delivery
  • Development of indicators to assess operating room management efficiency
  • Assessment of workload in obstetrics and gynecology practice by time study combined with administrative data
  • Process of care and community resources associated with length of hospital stay in elderly patients with hip fractures

Department of Health Informatics

  • Support for family members bereaved by suicide: Assessment of resources
  • Context analysis for breastfeeding information in midwifery textbooks
  • Initial evaluation of the approach for assessing the utility of PET cancer screening
  • Pharmaceutical risk management systems: Comparative analysis of the United States and Japan
  • The public’s acknowledge and attitude toward the going genetic cohort study in Nagahama-city
  • The relationship between central blood pressure, brachial blood pressure, age groups and cardiovascular risk factors: A cross-sectional analysis of Nagahama Zero-ji preventive cohort project in Japan

Department of Health and Environmental Science

  • Male-specific increase in urinary excretion of perfluorooctanoic acid in MDR2-definicient mice

Department of Public Health and International Health

  • Substantial study of comprehension and recognition on health hazard of smoking among the late middle aged population in a city in Kyoto prefecture

Department of Field Medicine

  • Research on falling of community-dwelling elderly in Japan

Management of Technology and Intellectual Property

  • Investigation into the management of intellectual property in a large collaborative research between industry and academic
  • Procurement of intellectual capital in high-tech start-ups
  • Effective initiatives to promote joint research with overseas companies
  • Comparative case study on the clinical trials in USA by pharmaceutical startups
  • The scope of cell patent – the case of cardiac stem cells –

Genetic Counselor Course

  • The current status of and trends in pregnant women who visit obstetrics and gynecology departments seeking amniocentesis
  • The lives and issues of those with Williams syndrome in Japan – A questionnaire-based pilot study –
  • Clinical characteristics of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) and genetic mutation
  • A study of the “negative support” experienced by mothers of children with congenital anomalies: A qualitative study using semi-structured interviews
  • A public health analysis of websites offering direct-to-consumer genetic testing
  • Development of teaching tools for third-grade elementary students to teach genetic variation and heredity

Clinical Research Coordinator Course

  • Use of antipsychotic drugs among elderly patients with dementia in Japan
  • Drug administration for children with malignant tumors
  • Effect of HMG-Coa reductase inhibitors on blood pressure in hypertensive patients treated with blood pressure-lowering agents – Retrospective study employing anti-hypertensive drug database –
  • Introduction and evaluation of a pre-evaluation system for the protocol and the consent form submitted to a research ethics committee
  • Medical research application of residual samples and clinical information

Master of Clinical Research

  • Predictive value of clinical chorioamnionitis in predicting histological chorioamnionitis in very preterm infants: a population-based cohort study in Japan
  • Efficacy of behavioral intervention in mothers’ oral-care for infants – A randomized controlled trial
  • A brief and step by step individualized lifestyle modification program for hypertension: development and assessment
  • Promotion of appropriate pediatric emergency department visits (Study plan)
  • Efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in people with schizophrenia (Clinical trial protocol)