Kyoto University School of Public Health

Best Teacher Award 2020 and Best Coursework Award 2020

Students 2021/05/18

【Best Teacher Award 2020】

Congratulations on winning the award.


佐藤俊哉(医療統計学分野 教授)
Tosiya Sato, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics

Tosiya Sato, PhD, Professor of Biostatistics
【Subjects taught】
Fundamentals of Biostatistics: When online, why are there many questions?
Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Management: Do you know how many reports I read every week?
Statistical Methods in Observational Studies: Most difficult and most favorite class
Statisticians Standard of Conducts: A statistician played the essential role at the thalidomide trial (legal, not clinical) in Japan

【Emphases in class】
– Finish on time,
– Easy to read slides, and
– Upload lecture videos on PandA three days before the class
(Others teaching secret)

【Messages to the students】
Don’t say “statistically significant.”


西浦博 (環境衛生学分野 教授)
Hiroshi Nishiura, MD, PhD, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Hiroshi Nishiura, MD, PhD, Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
【Subjects taught】
・Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences
・Infectious Disease Epidemiology

【Emphases in class】
– Always, the last lecture was wrapped up in the beginning of the following lecture.
– Importance of in-class review was emphasized, answering a few multiple choice questions at the end of each lecture.
– Pretended that I enjoy everyday (regardless of the truth?). Otherwise, you won’t aim to become professor like me.

【Messages to the students】
Thank you very much indeed for nominating me to be the best teacher. While working extremely hard to respond to the novel coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19), it was the first week of Kyodai to have conducted the very first concentrated lecture series of infectious disease epidemiology. It was very encouraging to find so many students and researchers attending my lecture, and you must have seen that basic theories and principles can be immediately applied to COVID-19 control issues.



【Best Coursework Award 2020】

Congratulations on winning the award.


Special Seminar in Study Design I(From FY2020 Syllabi)
Yosuke Yamamoto(Associate Professor of Healthcare Epidemiology),
Yusuke Ogawa(Senior Lecturer of Healthcare Epidemiology),
Tomotsugu Seki (Assistant Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology)

【Outline and Purpose of the Course】
This course will discuss study designs and protocols in clinical epidemiology based on student’s clinical questions.


Health informatics I(From FY2020 Syllabi)
Takeo Nakayama (Professor of Health Informatics)
Yoshimitsu Takahashi(Associate Professor of Health Informatics)
Kikuko Miyazaki (Part-time Lecturer of Health Informatics)
Hiroki Sugimori (Daito Bunka University, Professor)
Kiichiro Tsutani (Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences, Professor)
Yuki Sonoda (Japan MBTI Association, Director)
Fumihiko Wakao (Center for Cancer Control and Information Services, Director)
Genta Kato (Kyoto University Hospital, Associate Professor)
Satoshi Kuroda (Information System Engineering Inc, Representative Director and President), Eiji Nakatani (Shizuoka General Hospital, Head)

【Outline and Purpose of the Course】
This course comprises systematic lectures on health / medical information, collection, accumulation, transmission, retrieval and appraisal of data and knowledge. Being based on epidemiology and EBM, methods of utilizing information about health and medicine via medical literature, mass media or internet. Health literacy, circulation of information and information ethics including protection of individual information will be also addressed.
Moreover, the workshop of the “MBTI”, which is very popular among healthcare professionals in the US and western countries, will be held to understand intra and inter personal pattern of information recognition and processing, and communication.