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news20240405 Students 2024/04/30 Best Teacher Award 2023 and Best Coursework Award 2023 ICON 2024/04/23 Report: Kyoto University School of Public Health International Lecture: Redefining Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD): Insights from the POST SCD Study image Generals 2024/04/15 Dr. Yoshitaka Nishikawa, Department of Health Informatics, gave a lecture as a HOPE Fellow at the JSPS 15th HOPE Meeting. Community Assessment.pptx Generals 2024/04/01 Visited Nagoya City Kita Ward Office to Learn Their Activities on Utilizing Data from a “Community Assessment” Community Assessment.pptx Generals 2024/04/01 “Community Assessment” Workshop was Held and Colleague from Brunei Darussalam were Invited 231228_OC_NEWS Generals 2024/04/01 The schedule for Open Campus 2024 has been updated. 2404_kyo01 Generals 2024/03/22 Dr. Satoshi Funada Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior (Current affiliation: Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Keio University School of Medicine), Professor Takashi Kobayashi from Department of Urology Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, and Professor Toshiaki Furukawa from Department of Health Promotion and Human Behavior published the thesis about RCT evaluating the efficacy of a multicomponent intervention for the women with overactive bladder, in JAMA Network Open (IF=13.8) Icon Generals 2024/03/22 Prospective Ageing and Emerging Population Trend in the Asia-Pacific Region Generals 2024/03/14 Dr. Kosuke Inoue from Department of Social Epidemiology was selected for “Innovators Under 35 Japan 2023” hosted by MIT Technology Review image2 Generals 2024/03/13 KUSPH High Impact Papers in FY 2023 were selected