Kyoto University School of Public Health

Best Teacher Award 2015

Students 2016/04/21

木原雅子 Masako Ono-Kihara, PhD 
(Associate Professor, Department of Global Health and Socio-epidemiology)

kihara【 Instructor of Socio-epidemiology 1 & 2 】
Socio-epidemiology is a novel methodological paradigm that integrates sociological and epidemiological perspectives from an epistemological standpoint pragmatism.
In the first semester (Socio-epidemiology 1), while focusing on social marketing, students learn various behavioral theories, quasi-experimental methods, sampling methods, essential elements for intervention studies (such as the development of health interventions, to encourage voluntary behavior change among target sample). In the second semester (Socio-epidemiology 2), methods of both qualitative and quantitative approach are discussed in details.

【 Techniques in designing the lectures 】
・Lectures are audience (student)-centered. The content of the class is flexibly arranged and adjusted based on the needs and requests of students throughout the semester
・Lectures are two-way active participatory. Students are encouraged with active discussions, group works, etc. throughout the course.
・Lectures are experienced-rich. They are not only based on knowledge from the books but built up upon over 30 years of research experience.

【 Message from Associate Professor Masako Ono-Kihara 】
“I feel extremely honoured to have been awarded with such prestigious prize for the second time. Every year, I am grateful for the encounter with each and every single one of my students. I wish all the students for the very best in pursuing their dreams and to reach their goals with confidence in their own genuine selves in their fullest potential.”


和田敬仁 Takahito WADA, MD, PhD 
(Associate Professor, Department of Medical Ethics / Medical Genetics)

wada【 Main lectures 】
Basic Medical Ethics, Genomic Medicine, Ethics and Society, Introduction to Human Genetics, Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling, Special Seminar for Genetic Medicine, Practicum for Clinical Genetics, Fundamental Human Genetics, exercise, Clinical Genetics, Exercise, Genetic Counselling, Exercise 1,2

【 The lecture management 】
I deliver the lecture program having a clear focus on;
1. good, open communications between students and myself.
2. getting students well-motivated to their future professions with it.
3. better use of impromptu whiteboard- learning effect.

【 Message from Associate Professor Takahito Wada 】
It is a great honor for me to be awarded the Best Teacher Prize of this year with Professor Masako Kihara. I believe this is largely thanks to all-out efforts of my students. I am convinced that study of genetics and genomics will be really the more pressing matter in medical research. Never forget “Genetic Counsellors”, whom you had been studying with in the SPH of Kyoto University. I hope that all of you should make big success in the world.