Kyoto University School of Public Health

Best Teacher Award 2017

Students 2018/04/12

中山健夫 Takeo Nakayama, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
(社会健康学分野 教授)

best-t_2017-nakayama【 Subjects taught 】
Epidemiology I
Critical appraisal
Introduction to health science research
Health Informatics I
EBM & Clinical practice guidelines

【 Emphases in my class 】
I try to refer to historical episodes and my experiences that are related with the text knowledge.

【 Messages to the students 】
Do our current best !


高橋由光 Yoshimitsu TAKAHASHI, DrPH., Associate Professor
(社会健康学分野 准教授)

best-t_2017-takahashi【 Subjects taught 】
Literature search : To acquire fundamental knowledge of research designs and formulating research questions. To acquire the skills of literature search using PubMed, Igaku Chuo Zasshi and Cochrane Library, and the skill of literature management using a reference management software/service(EndNote basic).

Health Informatics II : Lectures about pragmatic cases and researches of healthcare ICT, and secondary data (e.g. statistics) and medical big data. Practice of the Internet surveys, and analysis of Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions.

【 Emphases in class 】
I choose the themes of “I often hear it, but I’ve never used it,” and “I use it, but I don’t know the detail.” I emphasized hands-on activities using a head. After the lecture and practical, I hope that students think “I know it!” and “I’ve done it!”

【 Messages to the students 】
It was a great honor for me. I really thank librarians in KU Medical Library, lecturers, and staffs and TAs in Health Informatics. Science and technology are advancing rapidly. We never stop learning.