Kyoto University School of Public Health

Best Teacher Award 2016

Students 2017/04/10

佐藤俊哉 Tosiya Sato, PhD
(医療統計学分野 教授)

sato_kyoju【 Subjects taught 】

Fundamentals of Biostatistics, Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Management, Statistical Methods in Observational Studies, Intermediate Biostatistics, Health Data Processing Laboratory

【 Emphases in my class 】
I would like to mediate the sense of wonder through logical understanding of biostatistical principles. There is a long way to go.

【 Messages to the students 】
All of you will give lectures in near future. Since teachers in our school take interest in education matters, you better to learn good practice for lecture.


古川壽亮 Furukawa, Toshiaki MD PhD
(健康増進・行動学分野 教授)

furukawa【 Subjects taught 】
Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, Special
Seminar in Study Design I, Clinical Trials

【 Emphases in class 】
I think classes in graduate schools require:
1) that students spend at least five hours before they come to one
class, by reading books and preparing reports for the class
2) that the class hour be spent on questions and answers which respond
to each student’s research needs.
The professor must be well prepared to do #2, and I am at that level
only for limited areas in social medicine. This year it seems that I
was able to provide such classes, and I was lucky to have students who
would devote themselves to such classes.

【 Messages to the students 】
It was a great honor and surprise for me to be awarded this
prestigious award by the students. in KUSPH. I am determined to
continue “provocative” classes, and expect future students not only to
follow me but to surpass me.